Our UX Mentorship Program

What do you get with our free UX design mentorship program?

Starting a career in the UX industry can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding.

One advice we usually give our students at the end of a course is to find a mentor who can guide their next steps and help them grow while answering their questions along the way. However, getting dedicated time from a UX professional and first-hand advice is not always easy.

The UX Academy Mentorship program integrates our UX Courses and provides additional support to ensure students’ success while they are still learning. Mentorship sessions are made available every week for the entire duration of a course, allowing students extra time with a dedicated tutor.

What It Covers

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During mentorship, students can take advantage of the tutor’s experience and knowledge to:

1. Get feedback and support on funwork/project.
2. Remove blockers.
3. Ask follow up questions on course tools and methodologies.
4. Understand how to manage client requests and expectations.
5. Discuss UX life and get career advice.
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What Our Students Are Saying

"Whole team of UX Academy was supportive along the whole course. Quickly reacting, offering information and help. I am really impressed by the level of competence presented by the teacher. And of course what cannot be overestimated, providing contact with real clients and engaging students in developing real products, this is a very important and valuable factor of this course."
asia dechnik ux academy testimonial
Asia Dechnik
Visual Designer
"I was so impressed with UX Academy. The content is expansive and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. The course setup is well thought out and its fantastic you get to work on a real-life product. I’ve done a few courses and this is by far up there with the best. You feel well prepared for stepping into a role as a Product Designer. It’s great value for money."
Dan Perry ux academy testimonial
Dan Perry
Multimedia Designer
"The course was very engaging and I enjoyed learning about Product Design. I already had pass knowledge about UX but this course helped plug in the gaps and help me become a stronger UX/ product designer. The teachers were very good at explaining all the different elements and stages and were very approachable. It’s a great course."
Alpa Pankhania UX Academy Alumni
Alpa Pankhania
UX Manager

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