UX Academy – February 2020 – 6 Week Conversational Design Course (In Collaboration with Amazon)

An exciting opportunity to take part in our next 6-week evening Conversational Design Course (with Amazon) provided by 2 Senior Designers with years of experience in Voice Design.

– 6-week Voice Design training course
– 12 students per class MAX
– Based in Central London
– Once a week from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm.
– 2 experienced industry teachers

Why Voice Design?

The Conversational Design Course is our newest and most exciting course covering desgining for voice with Alexa. You will gain a holistic understanding of voice user interface best practices and will learn how to code, publish and maintain an Alexa skill. You will have all the skills needed to incorporate industry-leading conversational design experiences to your products and examples to showcase in your portfolio.

Key Takeaways

Mastering Conversation Design:

Acquire the skills needed to design industry leading conversations in voice – a course built with support from Amazon.

Prototyping and Testing Voice Experiences:

Create low and high fidelity voice prototypes and learn practical ways for usability testing voice experiences.

Advanced Topics In VUI:

Learn best practices for advanced topics in voice, including multi-modal interactions and dealing with privacy and safety.

Evaluating Use Cases for Voice:

Understand the benefits and limitations of voice and ensure you’re utilising it for the tasks that will provide real value to your users.

Deliverables for Certification:

Learn how to produce all the deliverables required by Amazon to certify an enterprise level skill including voice user flows, scripts and account linking screens.

Development of Alexa Skills:

Get a solid understanding of how Alexa skills are set up and coded and be in a position to have informed conversations with technical stakeholders.

Course Structure:

Week 1:
Introduction to Voice User Interfaces & Alexa
– Understanding voice interfaces
– How interactions on Amazon Alexa work
– Multimodal experiences
– Assignment of project briefs

Week 2:
Conversation design best practices
– Conversation fundamentals
– Voice personas
– Sample dialogues
– User flows

Week 3:
Voice-first multimodal interactions & sound
– Multimodal with Adobe XD
– Designing visual components
– Sound design

Week 4:
Fleshing out your use case
– Context & Use cases
– Getting early customer feedback
– Voice User Research
– Customer Journey Mapping

Week 5:
Prototyping and testing
– Using Voice Flow, Dialogue Flow
– Facilitation techniques
– Prototyping
– Interaction design patterns

Week 6:
Publishing & monitoring your skill
– Getting your skill certified by Amazon
– Discoverability
– Monetisation
– Preparing your case study


“I’m so glad I did this Designing for Voice Course. All the tutors were massively helpful and were really great teachers. I’ve gained a new skill set which I’ve already found ways to apply to my current job that I hope I continue to explore in the future.“ – SIMON WOOD, Senior UX Designer – Designing for Voice (Alexa)
“The VUI course was exceptional. In two days it covered everything we’d hoped to learn from high-level theory to a detailed understanding of human linguistics and building our own voice skills. The instructors were obviously very knowledgeable of the voice space and really hands on. Would highly recommend the course.” – EMMA GODDARD, Senior User Experience Designer – Designing for Voice (Alexa)