An exciting opportunity to take part in our next 6-week evening Product Design course provided by Senior Product Designers with years of experience in the field.

– 6-week Product Design training course
– 15 students per class MAX
– Online
– Once a week from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm.
– Experienced industry teachers

Why Product Design?

The Product Design course is designed to provide you with the approach you’ll need to develop your feature or startup idea and transform it into a product, and ultimately a business. Product design blends psychology, visual design, and UX principles to teach you product validation, and a customer-centric approach. After you’ve designed your product we will also teach you the relevant metrics to track to ensure feature success, including Product-market fit, Churn, and the Pirate metrics (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral)

Key Takeaways

Idea Validation
Develop, validate and refine your ideas to build for a product/market fit using the lean
canvas approach

Research & testing methods
Learn a wide array of user research techniques including, User interviews, UX audits &
tear-downs, ethnographic studies, and surveys

Personas and Jobs to be done framework
Learn how important product personas are in feature development, how to develop
these and how to use them to influence your design decision making when
implementing a customer-first approach.

UX Principles & visual design fundamentals
Delve into the psychology behind designs, by focusing on behavioural economics
frameworks and designer ethics.

Research, Design & prototyping software
An Introduction to essential design software such as Sketch,Adobe CC,Zeplin, QuickTest and Invision, alongside sketching and prototyping tools.

Metrics and success measurements
Define what feature success looks like, alongside which metrics you should be looking
at to measure and improve over time, and why they’re important

Design Facilitation
Throughout the course you will develop strong workshop facilitation skills and learn design process insights for you to apply to your current role.