Intermediate UX Design

Intermediate UX Design
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17th March 2021 | 18:30 – 19:30


This will be a session giving further insights into the course and prospective students will have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A afterwards with one of the instructors. Join us in an evening presentation to learn more about our Intermediate UX Course!

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Our Students Come From Top Companies

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Jiri Jerabek

Jiri Jerabek, Design Manager

Jiri has 12 years of experience in designing digital products and it has shaped him into a leader in strategic design. His project history ranges from launching large scale key product functionalities (Intuit) and radical innovation (BBC Research & Development) to detailed work on end-user products (Telegraph, National Rail Enquiries apps, Freesat set-top box, Canon, American Express).

What Our Students Are Saying

"Before joining the UX Intermediate Course in London, my user research toolkit was pretty limited to interviewing customers. Drafting explicit hypotheses, structuring effective ideation exercises and synthesising the findings are some of my key takeaways from the course. Super useful and recommended."
Vitor Kneipp
Product Manager
"With 3 years of UX Design experience, the course was a great way of consolidating all my knowledge and putting in practice all the theory I had learned. In fact, we worked on a project from the very start to the end, carefully building every single part, in order to create a good study showcase. This will allow me to add a great piece to my portfolio."
Sabrina Morellato
UX/UI Designer
"Having done both the Beginner and Intermediate UX design courses, they gave me confidence and sparked my passion for UX. I have now taken this knowledge and put it into place at my work and personal life in the form of building a website for my family business. I’d definitely recommend it!"
Aleksandra Dimova
Digital Marketing Executive