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What do you get with our free UX design mentorship program?

Starting a career in the UX industry can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding.

One piece of advice we usually give our students at the end of a course is to find a mentor who can guide their next steps and help them grow while answering their questions along the way. However getting dedicated time from a UX professional and first hand advice is not always easy.

The UX Academy Mentorship program integrates our UX Courses and provides additional support to ensure students’ success while they are still learning. Mentorship sessions are made available every week for the entire duration of a course, allowing students extra time with a dedicated tutor.

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How It Works

The mentorship is structured as follows:

Duration → 30 minutes every week

     – Mentorship is available on a weekly basis, between classes, for a duration of 30 minutes.

     – Ideally it should be provided a couple of days after last class and a few days before the next one, so that students in need of support on the project can use mentorship to get feedbacks and guidance. For example, if class is on Tuesday, mentorship could be provided on Thursday or Friday.

     – The 30-minute time slots should be made available at a similar time as class (i.e. 6pm to 8pm).

Type → Group mentoring

     – Since students work in groups, mentorship is provided to the entire team.

     – 1:1 mentorship can be provided instead of the group one in case the team doesn’t require support (so the time slot is available), or in specific occasions, i.e. students that are struggling with the course material or students that couldn’t attend class and need help after going through the slides.

     – 1:1 mentorship is not pushed during the course since we cannot provide it for all students. It is up to the mentor to evaluate if there is availability for it.

Enrollment  Voluntary

     – On a weekly basis each team can decide if they need mentorship and directly book a time slot with the tutor.

     – The use of tools such as Calendly is highly advised, since it makes it easier to manage.

     – Teams are not expected to book a mentorship every week but only when they actually need it.

Style  Traditional

     – During mentorship the tutor will share knowledge and experience with the students to guide their steps and support them with their project.

What It Covers

ux mentorship coverage
During mentorship students can take advantage of the tutor’s experience and knowledge to:

– Get feedback and support on the funwork / project.
– Remove blockers.
– Understand how to manage client requests and expectations.
– Ask follow up questions on course tools and methodologies.
– Discuss UX life and get career advices.

What It Doesn't Cover

Mentorship is not meant to be a repetition of the class for those who couldn’t attend. Students are expected to read the class material and get support from their team before addressing the mentor with any additional questions. 

Mentorship cannot be used to solve team fights or issues. Each group is expected to work together in a professional and collaborative way and to solve problems without the intervention of a mentor.

What We Expect From Students

In order to make the most out of the 30 minutes available, we expect students to arrive prepared, to have clear questions in mind, and to have reviewed the class material.

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