Q&A with Adaobi

Adaobi Adebajo is a business consultant who recently took part in our UX/UI Design Course at UX Academy. Learn more about their experience and what it was like to work on the HopStair Confidence app.

How was your Experience at UX Academy?

My UX design training at UX Academy was truly a transformative experience. I had the chance to work on a live project – the HopStair® Confidence app, aimed at helping users build confidence, unleash their full potential, and promote robust mental health. As a member of the app design team, and as an individual who sews clothes from scratch for myself and others, I couldn’t help but notice the striking similarities between crafting an outfit and designing an app for an exceptional user experience.

What Did You Learn?

During the course, I acquired valuable skills in understanding the user’s needs at a deeper level. Throughout the app design process, I actively engaged in conducting thorough interviews with the target audience. This allowed me to delve into their perspectives and gain insights into the challenges and issues they were facing.

What Were Some of Your Key Tasks?

In my role as a UX designer, I created wireframes and prototypes of the user interface. By using wireframes, I outlined the fundamental layout or the elements to ensure a clear and cohesive visual representation of the app’s structure. These wireframes served as a blueprint, guiding the development of the prototype. This step allowed me to validate the design concept and identify any usability issues that need improving. As a result, I was able to effectively plan the flow and structure of the application.

What Tools Did You Use?

In the app design process, we used a powerful design tool called Figma. This proved to be instrumental in ensuring the functionality and efficiency of the app’s development. By harnessing Figma’s versatile features, collaborative capabilities, and real-time editing, I was able to create wireframes and prototypes. This also allowed smooth communication and coordination amongst the team members.

How Did You Ensure Usability?

During the development of the app, I recognized the significance of ensuring its usability and user-friendliness. To achieve this, I conducted comprehensive usability testing on the app to identify potential problems and areas for improvement. This invaluable feedback was then thoughtfully integrated into the app’s design, allowing me to refine the user interface and interactions to effectively cater to the needs of the target audience.

What Have You Taken Away from This Course?

I found a lot of parallels between sewing an outfit and designing an app. This course has helped me to refine my skills in developing efficient workflows that cater to a variety of customer requirements across the fashion and tech industries.

If you are thinking about starting your UX design career or want to find out more, head to our UX/UI Design Course page.


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