Why Your Online Store UX Is Something You Need To Invest In

UX Design for Online Stores

Image credit: PxHere It’s surprisingly common for sellers (even modern online sellers) to start thinking of purchases as simple matters of exchanged value. To them, it’s extremely straight ward and utilitarian: if you’re offered something you’d like at a price you’re willing to pay, then you go ahead and pay it.  And if that were […]

Why Great Automation Needs to Begin with Great UX Design Automation

UX Design Automation

Image credit: Pixabay We live in a time of great advances in science and engineering, but our brains have set capacities. We can get smarter and advance how we understand the world, but we can’t get all that much faster at working or handling complex problems. (At least, not until someone invents workable neural enhancements, […]

UX & Ethics: Where Do They Intersect?

UX Design and Ethics

Image credit: Pixabay Done correctly, UX design work should benefit both parties involved. The person experiencing it, and the person (or business) that provided it. But this doesn’t always happen. Businesses ultimately want to drive as many conversions as possible. This can lead them to act in ways that do produce more revenue but might […]

Q&A with Stacey Seronick, Head of UX Design & Research, Catalia Health

Summer is holiday season for everyone, but for our team, it tends to get considerably busy. We’re working hard to prepare the 4th Mobile UX London conference, taking place on 20 November at One Park Crescent, London. The event which will bring to spotlight examples of designing for emerging technologies. MUXL 2018 will feature case […]

7 Flawless Examples of E-Commerce UX Done Right

UX Design and E-Commerce

UX is extremely important for any kind of online activity, but when you add in the huge amounts of money up for grabs in the e-commerce UX world, you have a core ingredient that can single-handedly make the difference between a best-selling product and a total flop. And when you’re looking to learn how to […]

Convincing Your Boss to Send You For UX Training

UX Design Training

Convincing Your Boss To Send You For UX Training More and more things are becoming user centred. Take your mobile phone for example: 15 years ago it was only there to make calls and send texts. Now they’ve become smartphones that can do just about anything from facial recognition to finding someone’s location (if they […]

Airbnb’s Design Team on the Challenges in the Industry

Airbnb Challenges in the Industry

At the 2017 MUXL Conference, the London UX community had the pleasure of kicking off our annual gathering with a talk by Vibha Bamba & Sukhada Jog, special guests from Airbnb’s design team in Silicon Valley. Their talk “Designing for the Alleyway: Addressing the Discomfort of Travel” was an exploration of the advantages and challenges […]

Compare the Market: User-Centred Design Principles

Compare the Market User Centred Design Principles

At compare the market.com we’ve always focused on customer needs when designing and building our products. Over the last couple of years we’ve introduced more User Centered Design principles. Wikipedia describe User Centered Design as follows: ‘User-centered design … is a framework of processes … in which the needs, wants, and limitations of end users […]