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How Does UX Affect SEO

How Does UX Affect SEO?

Welcome to an illuminating exploration of how does UX affect SEO! As the digital landscape evolves, the connection between UX and SEO grows ever more...

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Product Design vs UX Design

At UX Academy, one of our most frequently asked questions is to clarify the distinctions between Product Design and UX Design. When comparing the two,...

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good ux design examples

Why UX Design is Important

In order to understand why UX design is important, we first need to determine what UX actually is. Although there is much debate surrounding the...

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Voice design blog banner

What is Voice Design?

Voice design (VUI) is an emerging field in the design industry. It involves actively planning and mapping all interactions that can potentially take place between...

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peter mccarthy project

UX Design Project: LikeMe

About Peter Peter successfully graduated from UX Academy in 2018 after working on an exciting and innovative app that aims to improve interactions and communications...

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gaby beehappy

UX Design Project: BeeHappy

About Gaby Gaby is one of our newest Alumni having completed the Foundation UX Course in June 2018. Before she attended the Academy, Gaby worked...

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Classroom Training FTW

Now is a great time to start a career in UX, as hiring managers are seeing the importance of UX’ers and how usability plays a...

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Top 10 Inspiring UX Portfolios

Every UX designer knows that their portfolio will be crucial for their career and for showcasing their body of work. However many designers (even great...

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Journey Maps for Content Strategy

Marli Mesibov, Content Strategist Mobile UX London will bring together 200+ professionals from around the world covering UX, Product, Design & Research. In addition, journey...

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