About Fiona

I’m a Senior Graphic Designer who has recently started building web experiences in CEROS for my company and I felt that I was missing a link between the design of the screen and how people used a site. So, I decided to take on the evening course to learn a bit about UX Design, the fact it was online and in the evening was perfect for me.

Which part of the client project did you find the most interesting?

The most interesting part of the project for me was the user interviews, I was amazed at how each person approached the simplest task in totally different ways, showing me, you can never take anything for granted.

Which part of the client project did you find the most challenging?

For me the most challenging part of the project was the end ‘formal’ presentation as it’s not something I typically do, also keeping track of the numerous platforms we used to work/ communicate was a bit of a challenge, (Slack, Google chat, MiRO, Figma, WhatsApp, Zoom, Canva etc etc.)

About StreePin App

StreetPin is an app that helps individuals connect with their local community and find deals and offers nearby. The mission of the team was to improve the homepage to funnel users and retailers to appropriate tasks. They also wanted to facilitate the understanding of local deals and chats so they can be displayed based on the users’ location

User Personas

StreetPin: Where did the idea for improvement come from?

Users addressed the Home Page as an area of improvement. As there was a lot of information displayed at once, users found that a distraction and were unable to interact with it. Some of the most important information was at the bottom of the page, so users were unable to find it. The style of the images was also confusing to users when they first accessed the page. Users were also unable to access and filter information as well as use the Map efficiently.

Home Page Solution & Outcome

General information that was previously on the Home Page was moved to a dedicated About us page. The home page was left only left with useful links to videos explaining the website functionality.

Outcome 1

Filtering content solution & Outcome

Search capabilities were added such as postcode geolocation. Clearer filtering system was implemented to focus the attention on the users’ search goals.

Outcome 2

Map Solution & Outcome

Text and icons were changed so users will know clearly the functionality of the map. The map was moved to the side to help users see the location while looking at offers and posts. The size of the map was also reduced to create a balance without losing any features.

Outcome 3

Pin, offers and posts solution & outcome

A clear heading was added so users will be able to identify and differentiate between an offer and a post. The background was simplified, and a full bleed image was used to clearly show the subject. Offer cards were given a more distinctive look with solid colours and the option to use illustrations.

Outcome 4
User Testing
Final Product

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