UX event in London. Closer look to latest products and apps.

The October edition of Mobile UX London meetup was hosted in partnership with digital product studio ustwo. Members of the team @ ustwo brought us closer to a couple of their latest products, apps with the potential to greatly improve people’s lives.

In Mobile UX London meetup, Holly Brennan, UX designer @ ustwo, captivated the audience with a fascinating talk about an app that helps to deliver better care to dementia patients. Holly also gave a brief background on dementia and the issues that both the patients and carers face on a daily basis. One of the research findings soon confirmed the importance of the project – for the team found an answer to the key question; how long do carers actually interact with residents during a given six hour period? Contrary to what most of us may think, or expect, the surprising answer was less than two minutes. A robust approach to research led the team to create a solution through digitalising documentation and patient data.

Digitising documentation in dementia care with Holly Brenan

The second talk was about Moodnotes, an app helping to identify and deal with the negative thinking habits referred to as ‘thought traps’. The team formed a partnership with clinical psychologists from Los Angeles and tapped into their expertise on the subject. The MVP was swiftly rolled out for beta testing in an outstanding eight weeks and it quickly generated enough interest to get into the big media spotlight. Alana, Chris and Joyce @ ustwo, members of the team behind the app, shared their experiences working on it as they discussed the various challenges they had faced.

Article by Przemek Luczak


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