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Testing the Hypothesis

We believe that users have been lost in many different music streaming services.

Their main frustration is that all albums are not available in every music streaming service, so they struggle to decide which one to use in order to find albums of their favourite artists.

Explore a solution that helps users to manage all the music across their music services.

Research Problem: Understand if people use more than one streaming service and their motivation to do so

User Insights

Defining type of questions to ask, some areas to cover:

  • Get to know them and understand their interests
  • What services they use
  • Why they choose that specific service
  • Where and how they listen to music

User Interview Outputs

User Persona

User Problems

Understanding user pains, needs, facts and behaviours:

  • As a user I need to access all my playlists
  • As a user, I want to discover new music
  • As a user, I want to organise my music in one place

How Might We…

How might we enable people to discover new music more easily by creating a unified streaming experience? Solving user problem:

  • Storyboard the experience
  • Challenges
  • Ideation
  • Understanding their current behaviours andexpectations
  • Opportunity


Solving User Problem

Understanding their current behaviours and expectations. 20 respondents said:

  • Nearly 30% use Spotify
  • People like Spotify because it recommends music and creates curated playlists based on their listening habits
  • 20% of people pay for Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music
  • Spotify works across multiple devices

Opportunity. Some respondents did expand on what they would like to do that they couldn’t with the existing music services they use:

  • They wish they could use Shazam integration with Spotify, capture a song and save for later listening.
  • Latest songs not always available across most services
  • More focus discovery on type of music than recommendations
  • In-app music sharing


Prototype still needs another round of iteration to consider the following:

  • Think about new music than trends
  • Allow users to focus on genres
  • Test on new group of people

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