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In this Voice UX Design course, you will gain a holistic understanding of voice user interface best practices and will learn how to code, publish and maintain a voice skill. Learn the skills needed to incorporate industry-leading conversational design experiences to your products.

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What You Will Learn

Mastering Voice Design

Acquire the skills needed to design industry leading conversations in voice.

Prototyping and Testing Voice Experiences

Create low and high fidelity voice prototypes and learn practical ways for usability testing voice experiences.

Advanced Topics in VUI

Learn best practices for advanced topics in voice, including multi-modal interactions and dealing with privacy and safety.

Evaluating Use Cases for Voice

Understand the benefits and limitations of voice and ensure you’re utilising it for the tasks that will provide real value to your users.

Deliverables for Certification

Learn how to produce all the deliverables required by Amazon to certify an enterprise level skill including voice user flows, scripts and account linking screens.

Development of Alexa Skills

Get a solid understanding of how Alexa skills are set up and coded and be in a position to have informed conversations with technical stakeholders.

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6 Weeks, Part-time
6:00pm - 8:30pm (London time)

The deposit is fully refundable up to one week before the course starts

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Voice Design Course Software

All our Voice UX Design Courses are practical courses, where you work on real user experience company projects, working in teams. You will use the latest industry products, some of which are listed below.

Our Course Trainers

Ben Sauer

Ben Sauer

Product Director

Ben is a former Product Director of Babylon Health, and has trained people in Voice Design internationally for O’Reilly, (including NASA!). He now spends his time working with clients on finding ways in which digital products can better meet the needs of people. 

Stratis Valachis

Stratis Valachis

UX Design Lead

Stratis is an interdisciplinary Lead UX consultant with 10 years of experience working in startups, agencies and international organisations across the US and Europe. He has worked for some of the worlds’ leading brands including Aviva, CN Traveller & Vogue.

What Our Students Are Saying

"I came out of the course with the knowledge and confidence to apply what I have learned to my current role. I feel this has given me a great opportunity to pivot my career towards an exciting future in voice design."
Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts
Senior Product Designer
"The VUI course was exceptional. It covered everything we’d hoped to learn from high-level theory to a detailed understanding of human linguistics and building our own voice skills. The instructors were obviously very knowledgeable of the voice space and really hands on."
Emma Goddard
Emma Goddard
Senior User Experience Designer
"I expected to get an insight into the workflow in conversational design. But I have got so much more out of the course. They gave me so many technical tools in my hands that I will need some time to go through all the videos and practice a bit more!"
Ute Mobio
Ute Mobio


If you miss class time, slides from the UX lectures will be provided. You will also be able to contact the teachers if you have any further questions. You are also welcome to retake a particular session in the next beginner course batch, as we run two to three beginner UX courses per year.

Our part-time UX Design Courses will run online once a week. All our UX Courses begin at 6:00 pm and end at 8:30 pm (London time).

Currently, courses are running remotely via live video with hands-on exercises and real-time interaction with tutors. Using shared whiteboard, team projects and remote team mentorship.

You will need your own laptop (PC or MAC). The tools used in our UX Design Courses will be provided and are SAAS based so these work on both PCs & MACs. 

We will be offering pre-course reading for all our UX Design courses so you can get familiarized prior to the course start. These are some books recommended by the trainers:

1. The Design Of Everyday Things, by Don Norman

2. Design Is a Job, by Mike Monteiro

3. Don’t Make Me Think, by Steve Krug

4. About Face: The Essentials Of Interaction Design, by Alan Cooper

5. Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience, by Jeff Gothelf.

Our 6-week Voice Design Course at UX Academy is £950 per person.

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