Conversational / Voice Web Design Webinar

Conversational & Voice UX Design


This taster session is for anyone looking to switch careers into Conversational / Voice UX Design and learn the skills required. This webinar will include a combination of a presentation and a Q&A session at the end. Join us for an introductory evening presentation to find out what it means to become a VUX/ VUI Designer!

Our Students Come From Top Companies

You’ll gain insights from one of our UX experts who is also the founder of Voice Principles. Learn the importance of designing for voice to provide better online services and experiences for users.

This presentation will cover:

• Paths into VUX/VUI Design

• Skills that are needed

• Salary and work expectations

• Goals and next steps on your journey​

• Student Presentation

• Q&A

Ben Sauer

Ben Sauer, Product Director

Ben is a former Product Director of Babylon Health, and has trained people in Voice Design internationally for O’Reilly, (including NASA!). He now spends his time working with clients on finding ways in which digital products can better meet the needs of people.

What Our Students Are Saying

"Before joining the UX Intermediate Course in London, my user research toolkit was pretty limited to interviewing customers. Drafting explicit hypotheses, structuring effective ideation exercises and synthesising the findings are some of my key takeaways from the course. Super useful and recommended."
Vitor Kneipp
Product Manager
"With 3 years of UX Design experience, the course was a great way of consolidating all my knowledge and putting in practice all the theory I had learned. In fact, we worked on a project from the very start to the end, carefully building every single part, in order to create a good study showcase. This will allow me to add a great piece to my portfolio."
Sabrina Morellato
UX/UI Designer
"Having done both the Beginner and Intermediate UX design courses, they gave me confidence and sparked my passion for UX. I have now taken this knowledge and put it into place at my work and personal life in the form of building a website for my family business. I’d definitely recommend it!"
Aleksandra Dimova
Digital Marketing Executive