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Write a Blog for UX Academy

Do you want to get your work featured on our website and social media channels? UX Academy are looking for some passionate writers with experience in design to share their perspectives on UX/UI or Product Design. If you have an article you want to contribute and get credited for, we’d love for you to be one of our guest authors.

How does it work?

We would like the article to be engaging with a good ratio of images to writing. We don’t exclude any topics, but they must be within the realms of UX/UI/ Product /Voice Design.

If we get a range of submissions, the most exciting contributions will be prioritised. So, make sure your article stands out if you want to see it published quickly! Some ideas for content can include:

UX Research, UX for Beginners, User Experience, Product Design, Voice Design, UX Case Studies, UX Design Careers

Please note

Articles that have been written with the aim to promote a product or service, whether it is related to UX/UI/Product/Voice or not, must be permitted by us. If not, this type of content will not be published. Articles written for us must be exclusive to us for at least a week.

Word limit

The sweet spot tends to be around 800-1000 words. You are welcome to exceed this limit, 2000 words is the maximum.

How to submit your draft

Prepare your draft in a document and submit it below. The team will review this and revert to you as soon as possible. You will be informed of any identified grammatical or spelling errors that need to be corrected. Once the article has been approved, we will let you know if it will require any more revisions to fit in with the tonality and style of UX Academy before it gets published. 

We will also inform you once your content goes live!

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