It’s a great course for anyone who would like to get into the emerging technological field of Voice Design. Two tutors, Stratis and Goncalo, have significant experience in Voice Design working for reputable companies. They are friendly and massively helpful in guiding us through design challenges and give helpful suggestions to set our projects in the right direction. The content that’s been prepared and presented in the course is a really good start for newcomers to get your head around Voice design. I wouldn’t say this is an extensive course for Voice Design, but it’s a good initial foray into learning this technology.

Ramana Jaini

UX, Product & Visual Designer - Designing for Voice (Alexa)

Having done both the Beginner and Intermediate UX design courses, they gave me confidence and sparked my passion for UX. I have now taken this knowledge and put it into place at my work and personal life in the form of building a website for my family business. All of the teachers were very knowledgeable and open to questions. They also had immense patience and great real-life examples. I am so happy to have been part of the course and to have met many wonderful people. I’d definitely recommend it!

Aleksandra Dimova

Digital Marketing Executive - Beginner & Intermediate UX

With 3 years of UX Design experience, the course was a great way of consolidating all my knowledge and putting in practice all the theory I had learned. The main difference between this course and a University course is the approach. This program is much more industry-oriented. In fact, we worked on a project from the very start to the end, carefully building every single part, in order to create a good study showcase. This will allow me to add a great piece to my portfolio.

Sabrina Morellat

UX/UI Designer - Intermediate UX

The VUI course was exceptional. In two days it covered everything we’d hoped to learn from high-level theory to a detailed understanding of human linguistics and building our own voice skills. The instructors were obviously very knowledgeable of the voice space and really hands on. Would highly recommend the course.

Emma Goddard

Senior User Experience Designer - Designing for Voice (Alexa)

I’m so glad I did this Designing for Voice Course. All the tutors were massively helpful and were really great teachers. I’ve gained a new skill set which I’ve already found ways to apply to my current job that I hope I continue to explore in the future.

Simon Wood

Senior UX Designer - Designing for Voice (Alexa)

I strongly suggest this Intermediate UX Course to anyone who wants to learn Google Design Sprint. It is really useful in terms of developing personal and soft skills. Furthermore, it can be an alternative for people who don’t have time for a lengthy course as lectures start conveniently after 6 pm. Lastly, when compared to other UX courses in London, the price is quite competitive.

Jacopo Maio

UX/UI Consultant - Intermediate UX

I would definitely recommend this Intermediate UX Course to anyone considering furthering their knowledge and practical skills in this field. The workload is well designed for anyone with a full-time job. The course followed a good progression for revolutionary design. I will definitely be using what I was taught this a lot in the future.

Rose Agnew

Contract Product Manager - Intermediate UX

As a startup founder and product manager, the UX Academy helped me to understand how designers think. The training improved the way I work with designers.

Jerome Rousselot

Founder - Beginner UX

The MUXL 8 weeks training course is a great introduction for a beginner looking to work in the field or anyone curious about the UX industry. The scope of topics covered by four industry experts ranged from ideation, flow creation, wireframing basics, usability testing methods, and stakeholder management. Each three-hour workshop held once a week involved a trainer presenting their topics of expertise followed by a series of team exercises to expand on what was learned.

Karen Chen

Freelance Desginer - Beginner UX

I’ve recently completed the brilliant UX Academy course run by Mobile UX London. With many UX courses popping up all the time, here are a few of my thoughts on this particular course. Firstly, it was great user experience. Having already been working as a Junior UX Designer for a few months, the course was a great way of consolidating all my knowledge. It also allowed me to brush up on areas in which I haven’t worked on as much.

Joe Allan

Junior UX Designer - Beginner UX

One of the most valuable aspects of the course was gaining a better understanding of the break down of the different stages of the User Experience and having the chance to put each of them to the test in teams. Working in a start-up, we go through most of the stages informally but it has been very helpful knowing how to run through things in a more structured manner.

Madeleine Vironda

Program Coordinator - Beginner UX

The course has given me food for thought. I’m still as in love with UX as before, so that’s good. It’s given me ideas for where to find decent resources and how to use them. Now that I have completed the course I will be more confident to challenge people’s assumptions when we are building new products, and I feel more confident that this is the right path for me. ‘It is better to learn something than to be right’ – I’ll be carrying this phrase with me from now on!

Matilda Woulfe

Connected Experience Coordinator - Beginner UX

As a project manager from a development background, now that I have a better understanding of the basics of UX, I can make more informed hiring decisions and communicate more effectively with UX professionals to make sure the products we put out have optimal UX designs.

Neil Mather

Product Manager - Beginner UX

I think my favourite moment on the course was the introduction to creativity exercises. As an example, we took a random object and used its properties to generate a much broader range of design references for our service. Our object was a silver toy aeroplane that was also a pen and, as a result, we ended up focusing more clearly on whether our service needed to be tangible and what ethos of interaction it would bring for the user. We asked different types of questions: Would it be sleek or modular? What would the balance of play and function be?

Aliyah Norris

UX Researcher and Content Strategy - Beginner UX

The course was a really good introduction and overview to UX. It presented all elements of the process from inception to completion.The course also presented the opportunity to work through an idea while learning important concepts.

Colin Crerar

CEO - Beginner UX

The interaction was really good – I also really appreciated the resources as it was good to go over them after the course. Sometimes it’s hard to take all of the information in, having the resources allowed me to do so in my spare time.

Amy Jones

Digital Production Assistant - Beginner UX