Beginner UX Design Course

Beginner UX Design Course

In this Beginner UX Design Course, you will learn user experience fundamentals and master the design process with a user-centered approach. In addition, we will equip you with all the right the tools and methodologies. As a result, this  course can allow you to succeed as a UX designer.

What You Will Learn

Design Workshops and Mapping

Dive into the different techniques designers use to analyse research findings, identify user needs, and translate them into design solutions.

UX Principles

Discover how usability principles affect the efficiency of a product and how behavioural principles drive user’s expectations.

Interaction Design, Wireframes and Prototyping

Combine principles of psychology, convention and technology to create an intuitive digital interface.

Discovery Research and User Interviews

Develop a research plan and conduct interviews with real users to understand their needs, behaviours and attitudes.

User-Centered Design

Apply the most famous designing method and become familiar with the Double Diamond design process and the Design Thinking approach.

User Testing and Project Iteration

Plan and conduct usability tests and learn how to iterate your UX design project based on user insights.

Next Beginner UX Design Course Dates

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June 8 - July 27

Online- Part-time, 8 Weeks
6:00pm - 8:30pm (London time)

August 17 - October 10

Online- Part-time, 8 Weeks
6:00pm - 8:30pm (London time)

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Beginner UX Design Course Software

Firstly, all of our Beginner UX Design Courses are practical courses where you work on real user experience company projects in teams. Secondly, you will use the latest industry products during this course. For example, Figma, Miro and InVision. All of which you can view below.

Our Course Trainers

Natalia Veretenyk

Lead Product Designer

Natalia is a digital product designer with software and hardware background. Natalia is extremely passionate about UX/UI design. She works on a bunch of different things, from user research to interaction design. Also, as UX designer, she is curious about human behaviors and how people’s minds work. Natalia has been honored with the Adobe XD London award. In her free time, she writes about design in her social media and mentoring young talents.

Stratis Valachis

Stratis Valachis

UX Design Lead, Condé Nast

Stratis is an interdisciplinary Lead UX Consultant with 10 years of experience working in startups, agencies and international organisations across the US and Europe. Moreover, he helps these companies design impactful and ethical human-centred products. Currently, Stratis leads the UX Design practice at Condé Nast and has worked for some of the worlds’ leading brands including Aviva, CN Traveller and Vogue. Occasionally, he conducts research for All The Humans, figuring out what opportunities new technologies like voice and virtual reality give us to most importantly, improve lives.

What Our Students Are Saying

"The 8 weeks training course is a great introduction for a beginner looking to work in the field or anyone curious about the UX industry. Each three-hour workshop held once a week involved a trainer presenting their topics of expertise followed by a series of team exercises to expand on what was learned."
Karen Chen
Freelance Designer
"This was first time I undertook an online course and I was unsure if this would work for me in contrast to learning in person, however, overall I have been impressed with the quality of teaching and the knowledge about UX I have gained."
Tirath Gahir
Tirath Gahir
Digital Designer
"I'm very happy taking the Beginner Course with UX Academy and I genuinely feel that I have a great and solid understanding of basic UX skills I can now build upon. The teachers were amazing, and they also gave us a great insight into the industry and the possible career options in UX."
Csilla Palinkas
Csilla Palinkas
Graphic Designer


For Beginner UX Course and Voice Design Course: These courses require no previous UX knowledge or experience. People attending the UX or conversational design course come from a range of different backgrounds. 

For the Intermediate UX Course: The intermediate program is perfect for those who have existing experience in UX. It will help them take their careers to the next stage and continue to build on their UX knowledge.

Learn more about our UX Alumni who come from different backgrounds here.

Currently, courses are running remotely via live video with hands-on exercises and real-time interaction with tutors. Using shared whiteboard, team projects and remote team mentorship.

Our part-time UX Design Courses will run online once a week. All our UX Courses begin at 6:00 pm and end at 8:30 pm (London time).

If you miss class time, slides from the UX lectures will be provided. You will also be able to contact the teachers if you have any further questions. You are also welcome to retake a particular session in the next beginner course batch, as we run two to three beginner UX courses per year.

Yes, you should reach out to us for more information if you seek any group discounts.

Yes. You can view our payment plans page to read about the plans offered at UX Academy.  

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