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In the many years that UX Academy has provided affordable and quality UX Design Courses, we have also produced many successful alums who have gone on to further their careers in user experience design. To illustrate the kind of projects and skills that you will master during our UX training, we have put together a blog of some of our brightest alums. Please scroll down to see what the graduates have been up to since completing their courses and what aspirations they have for the future.

“The course has given me so much confidence and I feel ready to take the next steps needed to further myself in a career in Product Design.”
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Asia Dechnik UX Academy Alumni

Asia Dechnik

“I am really impressed by the level of competence presented by the teacher. And of course what cannot be overestimated, providing contact with real clients and engaging students in developing real products.”

Dan Perry UX Academy Alumni

Dan Perry

“I was so impressed with UX Academy. The content is expansive and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable.”

“I am very satisfied! The quality of teaching is at the best standard, the teachers are very committed and it’s fun!”
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“The course was a great way of consolidating all my knowledge and putting in practice all the theory I had learned.”
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“I took the decision to realign my career and focus on user experience.”
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“One of the most valuable lessons we learnt on the course is that when you’re designing a product or service you need to keep the user at the centre of what you’re doing at all times.”
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“I like that it teaches the theory of UX and practical skills with different UX professionals.”
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“The best thing was to have access to teachers who are also experiment practitioners, full of pro-tips career-wise and skill-wise.”
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“I am excited to have learned the different processes that go into UX and the thought behind the planning stages.”
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“A good course for Product Design/UX/UI beginners to get started.”
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“It was intensive and productive course. I feel as well invested time in necessary knowledge.”
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“Definitely recommend this course for obtaining real life experience and developing a grounding in UX.”
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“The course helped me prepare for the breadth and variety of what UX involves.”
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“I recommend this course to everyone who wants to gain knowledge and practical skills in UX design.”
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