Introduction to UX Design (Free Online Event)

Introduction to UX Design
Free Online Event

25th November 2021 | 18:30 – 19:30 (GMT+1)

This taster session is for anyone looking to switch careers into UX Design (User Experience) and learn the skills required. This webinar will include a combination of a presentation and a Q&A session at the end. Join us in an introductory evening presentation to find out what it means to become a UX/ UI Designer!

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Our Students Come From Top Companies

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You’ll gain insights from one of our UX Experts, Natalia, who is also a Senior Product Designer at KPMG. Learn the importance of providing better online services and experiences for users.

This presentation will cover:

• Paths into UX/UI Design
• Skills that are needed
• Salary and work expectations
• Goals and next steps on your journey

ux academy instructor

Natalia Veretenyk

Natalia is a Senior Product Designer at KPMG with years of experience in UX / UI & Product Disciplines

What Our Students Are Saying

"The 8 weeks training course is a great introduction for a beginner looking to work in the field or anyone curious about the UX industry. Each three-hour workshop held once a week involved a trainer presenting their topics of expertise followed by a series of team exercises to expand on what was learned."
Karen Chen
Freelance Designer
"The course has been absolutely fantastic. The teachers have been brilliant and very attentive with concerns within the course and project. Definitely recommend this course for obtaining real life experience and developing a grounding in UX."
Samantha Burden
Market Research and Product Development Specialist
"I'm very happy taking the Beginner Course with UX Academy and I genuinely feel that I have a great and solid understanding of basic UX skills I can now build upon. The teachers were amazing, and they also gave us a great insight into the industry and the possible career options in UX."
Csilla Palinkas
Csilla Palinkas
Graphic Designer