Our UX Experts

At UX Academy all our trainers are skilled UX professionals with many years of experience working in an international environment for different companies. They will enable you to develop and gain new concepts and ideas through the UX design course in London. Our training based on user interface, user experience & Voice Design.

Jiri Jerabek

Design Manager

Jiri has 12 years of experience in designing digital products and it has shaped him into a leader in strategic design. His project history ranges from launching large scale key product functionalities (Intuit) and radical innovation (BBC Research & Development) to detailed work on end-user products (Telegraph, National Rail Enquiries apps, Freesat set-top box, Canon, American Express).

Froso Ellina

Product Design Manager
Pivotal Labs

Froso Ellina has 10 years working experience as a member of global teams in both digital design and software companies. She has a background in digital advertising and has experience in designing high-quality products for international clients. Some of these clients include  Deutsche Bank, MasterCard, HSBC, Vodafone, EE, Santander, Fidelity, and Siemens. She has always been an advocate for the Human-centered design process.

Stratis Valachis

UX Design Lead
Conde Nast

Stratis Valachis is an Interdisciplinary User Experience designer, an advocate of Lean methodologies, and proponent of Omnichannel design thinking. He is currently leading the design of conversational UX projects at Aviva’s innovation hub and contributing to the company’s customer-centered digital transformation.

Hara Mihailidou

Head of UX

As User Experience Design Lead at Lloyds Bank & previously Head of UX at JustGiving, Hara Mihiailidou ensures that both consumer and business audiences have a delightful and cohesive experience across channels. Hara Mihailidou has previously worked for brands like Microsoft, Skype, O2, Hearst, and Seren EY Service Design agency. Her educational background includes Interactive Media (MA, London College of Communication) and Computer science (BSc).

Kane Simms

Founder & Host
VUX World

Kane Simms has years of experience in the digital industry. Currently, he is leading the implementation of organisation-wide digital transformation strategy, in his managing of the planning and delivery of digital products and services at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. He is also the Founder and Host of UVX World, a podcast where they feature UX pros, VUI designers, developers, brands, and anyone with an interest in taking advantage of the biggest shift in user behavior since the introduction of the smartphone.

Kristina Csanaky

Voice & Visual UX Designer
Voxly Digital

Kristina is a Voice UX and Conversation Designer with a passion for delivering meaningful experiences and making a positive contribution through technology. She has a genuine interest in human behaviour and how technology can enhance the human experience, from bringing delight to our everyday lives to solving complex problems.

Kellie Matheson

Product and Service Designer

Kellie Matheson is a designer with 15+ years experience, specialising in design systems and transactional services in Agile product teams, and has spent the last eight years working in the government and charity sector. Kellie’s skills span design process from strategy and research to design and implementation. Kellie is passionate about demystifying the design process and uses plain English to explain concepts and processes.

Gonçalo Andrade

Senior UX Designer

Goncalo Andrade is a Senior User Experience Designer based in London. He believes that Design is all about coming together to solve human problems. I have over 10 years experience as a Designer working for a range of companies including Croud, Aviva, Lloyds Banking Group, and many more.

Sophie Lepinoy

Senior UX Designer

Sophie Lepinoy is a User experience designer with nearly 20 years working experience including 7 years in design and research. She is passionate about education and is currently teaching Lean user experience design and graphic design. She has Mentored start-ups at Google Launchpad and has done design work for a leading start-up, Lovecraft. Inspired by Google Ventures and Lean UX.