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UX Academy Trainers

At UX Academy, all our UX trainers are skilled professionals with many years of experience working in an international environment for different companies. They will enable you to develop and gain new concepts and ideas through our UX Design Training Courses in London. Our trainings are based on User Interface, User Experience, Product Design, & Voice Design.

Giulia Barra

Guilia Barra

UX Design Lead Consultant, WPNC

Giulia is a User Experience professional with a background in Service Design and a strong knowledge of the e-commerce industry. She is an advocate of Data Driven Design and Lean UX methodologies. During her 7+ years experience she worked for big companies such as Yoox-Net-a-Porter Group, design agencies and start-ups. Her last job was as Lead UX for Mailjet, a successful French startup that has been recently acquired by the global emailing platform Mailgun.


Nick Spiller

Head of Product Design, RBS & Founder, QuickTest

Nick is currently the Head of Product Design at banking giant RBS. Where he leads a team of product designers across 5 cross functional teams. Nick has extensive work in the Fintech industry having previously formed the founding team of LOOT, a student bank, which RBS bought a majority share of in 2019. Nick maintains a hands-on approach and regularly assists with feature definition and design. He’s recently released a user testing app, QuickTest, with a mission to bring free user testing to startup design teams and freelancers.

Stratis Valachis

Stratis Valachis

UX Design Lead, Condé Nast

Stratis is an interdisciplinary Lead UX Consultant with 10 years of experience working in startups, agencies and international organisations across the US and Europe. He helps these companies design impactful and ethical human-centred products. Currently, Stratis leads the UX Design practice at Condé Nast and has worked for some of the worlds’ leading brands including Aviva, CN Traveller & Vogue. In his free time, he conducts research for All The Humans, figuring out what opportunities new technologies like voice and virtual reality give us to improve lives.

Ben Sauer

Ben Sauer

Product Director, Voice Principles

Ben is a former Product Director of Babylon Health, and has trained people in Voice Design internationally for O’Reilly, (including NASA!). He now spends his time working with clients on finding ways in which digital products can better meet the needs of people. He advised teams across the world on what and how to design. At Babylon Health, he was the first Director of Design, and then Director of Product. He led large teams of designers, clinicians, data scientists, and engineers on AI-based products worth $100m+.


Yiota Demetriou, PhD

CX & UX Consultant

Yiota Demetriou is a Customer Experience and User Experience professional with an extensive background in UX research, leading tertiary education programmes, crafting multisensory and immersive experiences, and a strong knowledge of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). She has a PhD with expertise in HCI research, Arts, and Behaviour sciences and has a track record for leading values-driven design strategies. She is passionate about understanding users empathically using design thinking methodologies and Lean UX.

Badr Abou El Anouar

Badr Abou El Anouar

Lead Designer, KOLAPS Agency

Badr has 11 years of experience in the design field. For the last five years, he has been the lead designer at KOLAPS Agency, a branding and UX/UI design agency based in Barcelona and Beirut. Badr has delivered projects for companies and start-ups from different sectors such as fintech, online retail, hospitality, and healthcare, and clients like UNIDO, UK Lebanon Tech Hub, and BidFood.

Niamh Harman

Creative Director, Spectrum.Life

Niamh Harman is Creative Director with  Ireland’s largest provider of employer health. Spectrum.Life. Niamh works to create digital innovative products to promote positive social impact in mental health, fitness & nutrition for large global brands. A graduate of Visual Communication in NCAD 2012, UX Design from the UX Design Institute 2019 and winner of the 2021 Design Management Diploma Scholarship. She is passionate about combining design, creativity and technology to change people’s lives.

Kristina Csanaky

Voice & Visual UX Designer, Voxly Digital

Kristina is a Voice UX and Conversation Designer with a passion for delivering meaningful experiences and making a positive contribution through technology. She has a genuine interest in human behaviour and how technology can enhance the human experience, from bringing delight to our everyday lives to solving complex problems.

Hara Mihailidou

Hara Mihailidou

Head of UX, Various

As User Experience Design Lead at Lloyds Bank & previously Head of UX at JustGiving, Hara ensures that both consumer and business audiences have a delightful and cohesive experience across channels. Hara Mihailidou has previously worked for brands like Microsoft, Skype, O2, Hearst, and Seren EY Service Design agency. Her educational background includes Interactive Media (MA, London College of Communication) and Computer science (BSc).

Jiri Jerabek

Jiri Jerabek

Design Manager, Intuit

Jiri has 12 years of experience in designing digital products and it has shaped him into a leader in strategic design. His project history ranges from launching large scale key product functionalities (Intuit) and radical innovation (BBC Research & Development) to detailed work on end-user products (Telegraph, National Rail Enquiries apps, Freesat set-top box, Canon, American Express).


Froso Ellina

Product Design Manager, Pivotal Labs

Froso has 10 years working experience as a member of global teams in both digital design and software companies. She has a background in digital advertising and has experience in designing high-quality products for international clients. Some of these clients include  Deutsche Bank, MasterCard, HSBC, Vodafone, EE, Santander, Fidelity, and Siemens. She has always been an advocate for the Human-centered design process.

UX Academy Trainer

Goncalo Andrade

Senior UX Designer, EDF

Goncalo is a Senior User Experience Designer based in London. He believes that Design is all about coming together to solve human problems. I have over 10 years experience as a Designer working for a range of companies including Croud, Aviva, Lloyds Banking Group, and many more.


Enrico Furfaro

Senior Product Designer, komoot

Enrico is a Product Designer with focus on Interaction Design, User Research and Strategy. With over 7 years of experience in designing digital products, Enrico had the pleasure of working in agencies, startups and in-house and collaborating with brands such as Apple, komoot, Sony Mobile, Yamaha, BMW, and Maersk. His work has been shortlisted for awards, published in academic journals and presented in conferences around Europe. 

Nora Goerne

Nora Goerne

UX Designer & Researcher

Nora is a User Experience professional with a background in Learning Experience Design and a passion for storytelling and creative problem-solving. With her academic background in Cultural Studies and her language skills as a polyglot, inclusivity has become her guiding principle for creating outstanding human-centered experiences. She loves mentoring aspiring UX designers – which considering her previous career as a teacher shouldn’t come as a surprise. Currently, she’s mainly working as a User Researcher for DefinedCrowd, a leading AI training data company.

Natalia Veretenyk

Digital Product Designer

Natalia is a digital product designer with software and hardware background. Natalia is extremely passionate about UX/UI design. She works on a bunch of different things, from user research to interaction design. Also, as UX designer, she is curious about human behaviours and how people’s minds work. Natalia has been honoured with the Adobe XD London award. In her free time, she writes about design in her social media and mentoring young talents.

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