At UX Academy, one of our most frequently asked questions is to clarify the distinctions between Product Design and UX Design. When comparing the two, it is important to note that both disciplines incorporate design, research, and strategy. Typically, product designers place more emphasis on design and strategy. UX designers prioritise design and research. However, the specific balance between these aspects can vary based on the needs of the company you work for or represent.

What are the Main Responsibilities of a Product Designer?

A product designer holding the product with sketches on the table.

Product designers are dedicated to optimising the overall user experience of digital products, whilst considering the requirements of the business. They are involved in the complete product lifecycle, from ideation to the product’s evolution and implementation of updates. Examples of platforms benefiting from the expertise of product designers include Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

What are the Main Responsibilities of a UX Designer?

Woman writing on a whiteboard about website wireframes.

UX designers play a pivotal role in identifying user needs and understanding user behaviours through different research methods. They use the insights they have gained from this research and apply behaviour and interaction design principles to create solutions and ensure that the final product seamlessly aligns with user requirements.

Side-by-Side Comparison: Product Design vs UX Design

At a glance, here is a breakdown of the key responsibilities of product designers and UX designers:

Roles and responsibility comparison between Product designers and UX designers.

After comparing the definitions and comparison chart, it is evident that there are many overlapping elements between these two roles. Both designers use design thinking and prioritise user-centred design to create a user-friendly experience. They often rely on similar UX tools throughout the design process. This includes wireframing tools such as Figma and Sketch, and user mapping software such as Lucid Chart and Overflow.

While product designers and UX designers share notable similarities, they also exhibit several distinctions in their job specifications. In the realm of UX, the priority lies in identifying problems and creating user-friendly designs. Product designers focus on cost-effectiveness, the overall process, and proposing solutions to the problems found by the UX designers.


Product design and UX design exhibit many similarities when compared side-by-side, but their differences are evident when you take a closer look. Product design places importance on the business strategy to ensure that the product succeeds. UX design emphasises the user during the design process, research, and iterative improvements with the aim of delivering an exceptional online experience.

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