We offer the chance to get a scholarship and receive 40% of the total price of our courses. The program is for UX designers from underrepresented groups. Please apply if you have the potential to be an advocate, have strong oral and writing skills, and represent one of the following groups:



Students with disabilities

Students with low income

We also recognise that diversity as a concept covers a wide range of diverse experiences for different people in our community. If you meet the requirements to apply in a way not mentioned above, but that may still be acceptable to us, please do so. We want all prospective applicants to feel seen and heard. We would be happy to review your application.

What Our Students Are Saying

"The 8 weeks training course is a great introduction for a beginner looking to work in the field or anyone curious about the UX industry. Each three-hour workshop held once a week involved a trainer presenting their topics of expertise followed by a series of team exercises to expand on what was learned."
karen chan testimonial
Karen Chen
Freelance Designer
"This was first time I undertook an online course and I was unsure if this would work for me in contrast to learning in person, however, overall I have been impressed with the quality of teaching and the knowledge about UX I have gained."

Tirath Gahir UX academy testimonial
Tirath Gahir
Digital Designer
"I'm very happy taking the Beginner Course with UX Academy and I genuinely feel that I have a great and solid understanding of basic UX skills I can now build upon. The teachers were amazing, and they also gave us a great insight into the industry and the possible career options in UX."
Csilla Palinkas testimonial
Csilla Palinkas
Graphic Designer


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