Stratis Valachis, Senior UX Designer at Aviva, talks us through the future of Conversational Design

Back in November, Stratis Valachis delivered a talk at MUXL 2017 about the future of the conversational experience. He also touched on how important Voice will be in the coming years. The industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. This is only set to continue as many more people turn to Voice enabled products.

Stratis spoke about the work Aviva has been doing to create customer centred products that use a conversational interface. Aviva is currently experimenting with Voice and text based interfaces. This includes developing an Alexa skill which explains complex insurance jargon to customers.

Stratis went on to talk about the advantages of incorporating conversational interfaces in our products. They’re quick and convenient for a lot of operations and can seriously streamline a customer experience. Hence why so many developers are looking to incorporate voice into their designs.

You can watch Stratis’ talk in full here on our Youtube Channel

Designing for Voice (Alexa)

Now is an exciting time to be getting involved with Voice interfaces (VUI). If you want to be ahead of the curve and capitalise on this fast growing market you should consider taking up a professional Voice course. UX Academy has developed a new Designing for Voice (Alexa) course in collaboration with Amazon that will help you do just that. Industry leaders head the ux course based in London, including Stratis himself, and will run for 6 weeks. You’ll even have the chance to deliver your completed case study to Amazon at the end of the course.

To find out more about the conversational course or to enrol, email or visit our website:

You can also view two presentations from our most recent cohort of students on our Channel. This includes Team Monzo and Team BA!

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