As part of our Product Design Course, Kanisha and her team were given the chance to develop Abodely, an home-sharing app.

About Kanisha

I am a User Experience Designer with extensive knowledge of analysing the user’s requirements and problem to design creative solutions that delivers an optimal experience within the user’s own interaction and spatial environment. I did my master’s in Interior Design in India and after moving to the UK, I got exposed to digital design where I can utilised my skills to design digital space. I am self-taught and gained my knowledge by executing various client projects. Having done this for a few years now, I wanted to get a formal training and hence decided to sign-up for the product design course with UX Academy. 

abodely home screen

Project: Abodely

Abodely App is a home sharing network which connects young renters to eldery homeowners and shaping up a bridge between young generation to make their life affordable and elderly people to earn extra income with share space, responsibilities and make their life easier.   


The problem that Abodely App solving is twofold, firstly a lack of affordable housing for young Londoners and secondly an increase in social isolation and loneliness amongst aging Londoners. People aged 50 and over are more likely to have their own properties but they feel lonely if they do not have someone to open up to, are widowed, are in poor health, are unable to do the things they want, feel that they do not belong in their neighbourhood or live alone. This is an amazing opportunity to connect young renters to eldery homeowners, and aid to solve the problems.


Several assumptions were made on what the user wants to see and none of it was validated

There’re some elderly homeowners, not comfortable to use mobile app or to complete the process of advertise property

To match expectation for both generations

Accessibility is the key for elderly homeowners

To validate our assumptions and to collect some data from users I have created personas – elderly homeowners aged 50-75 and young renters aged 18-34 from London. 

360 Review

During competitive market research phase, I collected several theme inspirations based on visual styling & overall interface which then helped in creating design language for the entire app. I sketch various solutions and get feedback from our instructors to find the best way to integrating the newly defined features. This phase of the design process helped me to do user testing with users. 

I referred my sketches and turned it into mid-fidelity wireframes with some clickable prototype to complete the flow. I spent some time to define UI elements, design patterns and styling. I tried to make it as neutral as possible and to look more like a finished product. After creating mid-fidelity wireframes more like a final product, I converted them into an interactive prototype with Figma. This prototype was used to run user tests remotely that enhanced features and eliminated user pain points. 

abodely screens figma

Next and final step of every design process is to iterate design based on the user feedback. The final design was the result of few iterations and user testing. The design concept was neutral in colour with modern illustrations, fonts and style that will suit both our personas. Initial idea was to design seamless, easy and user friendly app were achieve through the user testing sessions, iterations, feedback from users and stakeholders, design language and responsive layout.

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