UX Design Project – StreetPin

UX/UI Design Project from Jan-March 2022: StreetPin

About Fiona I’m a Senior Graphic Designer who has recently started building web experiences in CEROS for my company and I felt that I was missing a link between the design of the screen and how people used a site. So, I decided to take on the UX/UI Design Course to learn a bit about […]

What Makes a Good UX Design Portfolio?

What makes a good UX design portfolio

Is a UX Design Portfolio Necessary? Your UX design portfolio is considered more important than your CV, especially in an industry where formal education and prior experience aren’t essential for securing your dream job. An eye-catching portfolio serves as a pre-interview meet and greet with the hiring manager. This can set you apart in the […]

UX/UI Design Course Project: Blindlee

UX/UI Project Blindlee

Our UX Academy students who were enrolled on the UX/UI Design Course recently achieved great success working with Blindlee, a blind dating app. In this user experience design project, we take a closer look at the dating app, including what the app does and why it exists, in addition to improvements that were recommended by […]

UX Design Portfolio Best Practices

Best Practices UX Design Portfolio

As the demand for UX designers increases, there is also a growing number of professionals switching their career path into the UX design industry. If you’re one of these people, chances are you are still figuring out how to create a compelling UX design portfolio to land your dream UX role. Here we have put […]

UX/UI Design Project: Bluepass by Samantha Burden

UX/UI Project: Bluepass by Samantha

This UX/UI design project was for a mobile app, Bluepass. Samantha discusses her experience with the project at UX Academy. About Sam I have been in Marketing for around 4 years, with a recent completion of a Masters in Data Analytics and Marketing.   However, whilst on furlough, I reviewed my skills. I decided to […]

Advanced UX Design Project: Zen Bike by Sabrina Morellato

Advanced UX Design Project Zen Bike Sabrina

This advanced UX design project was completed by Sabrina. Here she discusses her experience and outcomes.  About Zen Bike Zen Bike offers a unique and eco-friendly points-per-mile system where every mile that you cycle converts into points. These can then unlock rewards such as discounts on TFL, wellbeing stores, and gyms. Advanced UX Design Project […]

UX/UI Design Course Project: Co-Plan by Chris James

UX/UI Design Course Project Co-Plan Chris

Chris completed the UX/UI Design Course and excelled in a collaborative project with a real company: Co-Plan. He showcased his newly found skills and successfully executed this project. Find out more about his experience below. About Chris I have been designing and coding websites as a freelancer since 2006. However, I recently realised that being […]

UX/UI Design Project: LikeMe by Peter McCarthy

UX/UI Design Project LikeMe by Peter

Peter McCarthy recently completed UX Academy’s UX/UI Design Design Course. He was able to successfully complete a real-company project from LikeMe. About Peter In 2018, Peter graduated from UX Academy after working on an app aiming to improve interactions between housemates. Before joining the course, he was working within market research. Here, he utilised a […]

UX/UI Design Project: BeeHappy by Gaby Rock

UX/UI Design Project: BeeHappy Gaby Rock

About Gaby Gaby is one of our newest Alumni having completed the UX/UI Design Course, she worked on the BeeHappy app. Continue reading to find out more about her experience. Before she attended the Academy, Gaby worked as an in-house Graphic Designer for a cosmetics brand. Gaby made the decision to try and develop her […]

Product Design Project: Abodely

Product Design Project: Abodely

In our Product Design Course, Kanisha and her team seized the opportunity to develop Abodely, a home-sharing app. About Kanisha I am a User Experience Designer with extensive knowledge of analysing user requirements and problems. This allows me to design creative solutions that deliver a good experience for the user. I completed my master’s in Interior […]

UX/UI Design Course Project: Trading Skills

UX/UI Design Course Project: Trading Skills

Discover Tim’s real-company project during our UX/UI Design Course. From the initial concept, user research, testing, and more, he progressed to his finished project. About Tim Before joining UX Academy, Tim transitioned from a front-end developer to product design. This aligned with his degree. However, he decided to return to the fast-paced digital industry and […]

UX/UI Design Course Project: Fledglink

UX/UI Design Project: Fledglink

As part of our UX/UI Design Course, Alessandra was able to work on an existing app, Fledglink, which also allowed her to build her UX/UI portfolio. About Alessandra After working as a graphic designer and art director, I decided to pursue a career in user experience. I’m interested in working on products and services that […]

My Experience with the UX/UI Design Course

My Experience with the UX/UI Design Course - by Samantha

Our team recently had a catch-up with one of our promising students, Samantha, who is currently half-way through the UX/UI Design Course. She’s currently leading a team who is working on a real company project for a private Discounts Club. Learn what a week at UX Academy can involve in this brief interview. “The reason […]

What is a Design Sprint and How Does it Work?

Design Sprints

Released in 2016, the original Sprint Book was a bit of a revelation. It describes a five-day process for planning & testing new ideas. This process is called a “Design Sprint” It originated at Google, as a way to help startups in their Google Ventures investment programme. Back then, the industry was already familiar with […]

Top 10 Inspiring UX Portfolios

Inspiring UX Portfolios

Every UX designer knows that their portfolio will be crucial for their career and for showcasing their body of work. However many designers (even great ones) fail at effectively building them. UX portfolios are especially important because not only does the website need to showcase the great products you’ve designed before. It will become a […]

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