Convincing Your Boss To Send You For UX Training

More and more things are becoming user centred. Take your mobile phone for example: 15 years ago it was only there to make calls and send texts. Now they’ve become smartphones that can do just about anything from facial recognition to finding someone’s location (if they let you of course) …

What UX Can Do For Your Company

Bosses can make the excuse that UX training is too expensive even though it would be more cost effective to train people internally than to hire user experience contractors. However, bosses should give their employees a chance. Sending them on unique UX training courses or Conversational Design Courses will eventually help their company in the long run as employees’ new found information can be easily passed on to the team. Companies will then save money by already having the trained staff and forego the need to hire expensive contractors.

UX is essential for a business to thrive, no matter the sector. All companies have a website or a product in which they are selling to customers. Virtual design is quite literally the face of the entire brand. If your company has a good user experience, customers will subconsciously think positively of your brand, they’ll stay on your website for longer, leave good reviews and be satisfied with their experience. This helps promote brand loyalty and keeps customers coming back. What company doesn’t want that?

The Reason You Are Here

So the question remains, how am I going to convince my boss to send me for UX training? First of all you’ll need to explain how great it would be for the company to invest in user experience training. For this you must consider on how it will benefit the company. Starting with ROI (Return on Investment) is always a good route. I.e taking an expensive course now will save the company money in the long run as they will no longer need to hire external UX contractors.

User research is also a good thing for your company to have as you can see what your customers are doing, what’s working and what’s not and what your client base want/need. This is where you will have the edge over an external contractor. You will know the company better than they will so you’re a much better fit to handle its UX needs. This pays dividends when it’s time to prototype a product. You can avoid “feature creep” as you know the companies needs and goals. You know has worked and what hasn’t, what is necessary and what isn’t. The company will not need to pay to install features that they didn’t ask for.

Finally, ensuring the UX Design Course is affordable and excellent value for money is crucial. Mobile UX London has everything you need at your disposal on our low cost courses. Your employees will gain hands on experience with practical project work over a course of 6-8 weeks. Our tutors are already industry professionals with years of experience to teach the best skills. They have worked for companies like Microsoft, AMEX and the BBC and can impart their years of experience to your employees. By the end of the course, employees will also get a certificate as proof of their work and UX training.

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