UX/UI Design Course: Q&A with Katarina Cirjakovic

Q&A Katarina

  This is Q&A with Katarina Cirjakovic who has recently completed our UX/UI Design Course at UX Academy. Learn more about her experience and what it’s like to study with us. About Katarina Hi, my name is Katarina and I will tell you about my experience with being a student at UX Academy and graduating […]

Advanced UX Design Course: Q&A with Steven Skamarski

Q&A Steven

Steven is PMO Analyst at Cabinet Office of the Government Digital Service and recently completed our Advanced UX Design Course at UX Academy. Learn more about his experience and what its like to study with us. What is your professional background? My digital journey started at Sainsbury’s where I developed from a Content Manager producing […]

UX Design Project – StreetPin

About Fiona I’m a Senior Graphic Designer who has recently started building web experiences in CEROS for my company and I felt that I was missing a link between the design of the screen and how people used a site. So, I decided to take on the evening course to learn a bit about UX […]

Introduction to Design Thinking and Principles

What is Design Thinking? Design thinking is an ideology and process in UX design that has a user-centred approach to solving problems. Within UX design, the user’s interactions and experience are at the centre. Similarly, design thinking places the user at the centre of the process to understand their needs and requirements. Explore the powerful […]

Why UX Design is Important

good ux design examples

In order to understand why UX design is important, we first need to determine what UX actually is. Although there is much debate surrounding the definition of UX (user experience), it’s broadly accepted to be how a customer interacts with a product or service, and the ways in which this can be improved. That could […]

UX Design Course Project: Blindlee

Our UX Academy students who were enrolled on the UX Design Course recently achieved great success working with Blindlee, a blind dating app. In this user experience design case study, we take a closer look at the dating app, including what the app does and why it exists, in addition to improvements that were recommended […]

UX Design Portfolio Best Practices

ux portfolio best practice

As the demand for UX designers increases, there is also a growing number of professionals switching their career path into the UX design industry. If you’re one of these people, chances are you are still figuring out how to create a compelling UX design portfolio to land your dream UX role. Here we have put […]

UX Design Project: Blue Pass

sam burden ux project blue pass

About Sam I have been in Marketing for around 4 years, with a recent completion of a Masters Data Analytics and Marketing.   However, whilst on furlough, I decided to review my skills and experience to re-train and enter a new career path in User Experience and Design, in order to understand key business needs within […]

Advanced UX Design Project: ZenBike

sabrina morellato zenbike

About ZenBike The added value of ZENbike is the points-per-mile system that converts every mile that you cycle in points and rewards you with discounts on TFL, eco friendly and wellbeing partner stores and partner gyms. UX Challenge Brief “We believe that the near future in automotive industry is electric cars. There is a massive swift […]

UX Academy Alumni Chris James and His Project Co-Plan

chris co portfolio

About Chris I have been designing and coding websites as a freelancer since 2006. However, I recently realised that being a web designer was so 2008 – the tech industry has grown up and there is a whole new world of fancy job titles to choose from. I took the decision to realign my career […]

UX Design Project: LikeMe

peter mccarthy project

About Peter Peter successfully graduated from UX Academy in 2018 after working on an exciting and innovative app that aims to improve interactions and communications between housemates. Before joining the Academy, Peter was working within market research utilizing a range of methods including online surveys, focus groups, and observations. After Peter heard about the exciting […]

UX Design Project: BeeHappy

gaby beehappy

About Gaby Gaby is one of our newest Alumni having completed the Foundation UX Course in June 2018. Before she attended the Academy, Gaby worked as an in house Graphic Designer for a cosmetics brand. Gaby made the decision to try and develop her career and get into UX design. She also hopes to develop […]

UX/UI Design Course Project: Trading Skills

UX/UI Design Course Project: Trading Skills

See how Tim went from the initial concept, to user research, testing, creating storyboards and more until he got to the finished project. Tim’s project is one of the many innovative and creative ideas our students have developed while they have been at UX Academy. If you would like to develop your own UX Design […]

UX/UI Design Course Project: Fledglink

UX/UI Design Project: Fledglink

As part of our UX/UI Design Course, Alessandra was able to work on an existing app, Fledglink, which also allowed her to build her UX portfolio. About Alessandra After working for many years as a graphic designer and art director in design companies and communication firms, I decided to pursue a career in user experience. […]

My Experience with the UX/UI Design Course

My Experience with the UX/UI Design Course - by Samantha

Our team recently had a catch-up with one of our promising students, Samantha, who is currently half-way through the UX/UI Design Course. She’s currently leading a team who is working on a real company project for a private Discounts Club. Learn what a week at UX Academy can involve in this brief interview. “The reason […]

Completing The UX Design Course – Yumi Kudo

UX Design Course Blog Beginner

I have recently finished the 8-week UX Design Course at UX Academy, and I’d say that the course has helped me understand the process of UX design in depth. I had been a graphic designer for 10 years, so I had worked on several digital projects in the past, but this course was great to […]

How to Start a Career in UX Design

Start Career-UX-Design

It’s the big question, and it is, of course, daunting to start out afresh in any field, especially one like UX! It’s ever-changing, with many tools and ways of working to learn and adapt to, all with their own subtle differences. Although everyone’s journey will, of course, have different twists and turns, the aim of […]

Advanced UX Design Course: Q&A with Vitor

Q&A Vitor

From working closely alongside UX professionals at work, to having just finished the Advanced UX course at the UX Academy, Vitor has an excellent understanding of all things User Experience. I interviewed Vitor just after he had finished taking steps to learn more about UX Design at our the Advanced workshop in London – we […]

Q&A with Ryunosuke – UX Design Course

Keen to dive right into both the practical and theoretical world of UX, Ryunosuke decided to complete the UX Design Course at the UX Academy in London. I managed to catch Ryunosuke just before he started the course – we talked about his background, which part of the course he was most excited about, and […]

Q&A with Liz – UX Design Course

I had the pleasure of chatting to Liz just before she took part in the UX Design Course at the UX Academy London. Since this interview, Liz has taken the next step and has decided to take the Advanced UX course, so I think it’s safe to assume the course went well! But, for now […]

Why Your Online Store UX Is Something You Need To Invest In

Image credit: PxHere   It’s surprisingly common for sellers (even modern online sellers) to start thinking of purchases as simple matters of exchanged value. To them, it’s extremely straight ward and utilitarian: if you’re offered something you’d like at a price you’re willing to pay, then you go ahead and pay it.    And if […]

My Journey from Fashion Design into Tech & UX Design

Why Did I Take This UX Course? I am a young professional who is changing careers from Fashion Design into tech. While working as a Product Manager I have been doing a Masters in Digital Management at Hyper Island. I was half way through the masters when I enrolled into UX Academy’s Advanced UX short […]

Why You Should Care About Your Mobile Application Design

Why you should care about your mobile design- My UX Academy, London

Technology changes. Things we believed were impossible 20 or 30 years ago are a part of our everyday life. So, in order to provide you with valuable help on what has changed in UX since 2017 and what we might expect in the future, let’s pay attention to new trends. All modern trends are set […]

What is a Design Sprint and How Does it Work?


Released in 2016, the original Sprint Book was a bit of a revelation. It describes a five-day process for planning & testing new ideas. This process is called a “Design Sprint” It originated at Google, as a way to help startups in their Google Ventures investment programme. Back then, the industry was already familiar with […]

Q&A with Laura Leon – UX/UI Designer at Mobi Lab

Q&A Laura Leon

The world keeps changing and technology is helping shape the future. In the past years, we’ve seen virtual reality, augmented reality and other new developments find their ways into the day to day products and services. This has also meant new challenges for UX designers. Whilst the basic principles of putting the customer first and […]

Why Great Automation Needs to Begin with Great UX Design Automation

great automation needs to begin with great UX

Image credit: Pixabay We live in a time of great advances in science and engineering, but our brains have set capacities. We can get smarter and advance how we understand the world, but we can’t get all that much faster at working or handling complex problems. (At least, not until someone invents workable neural enhancements, […]

Discovering UX Academy – Jacopo Maio

Discovering UX Academy

Discovering the UX Academy Course Looking for a good UX design course in London isn’t so easy these days. The city gives us too much choice and if you google it, you’ll be lost! This is because every course is different in length, structure, content and price. When I was looking for a UX training […]

UX & Ethics: Where Do They Intersect?

UX & Ethics - Where they Intersect

Image credit: Pixabay Done correctly, UX design work should benefit both parties involved. The person experiencing it, and the person (or business) that provided it. But this doesn’t always happen. Businesses ultimately want to drive as many conversions as possible. This can lead them to act in ways that do produce more revenue but might […]

Q&A with Stacey Seronick, Head of UX Design & Research, Catalia Health

Summer is holiday season for everyone, but for our team, it tends to get considerably busy. We’re working hard to prepare the 4th Mobile UX London conference, taking place on 20 November at One Park Crescent, London. The event which will bring to spotlight examples of designing for emerging technologies. MUXL 2018 will feature case […]

Q&A with Froso Ellina About UX & UI Design with UX Academy

Q&A Froso Ellina

Why is UX Design important? User experience design is a mixture of tools, methods and frameworks that enables one to solve real problems while upgrading a beautiful design into a functional model which may prove to be both useful and enjoyable. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider involving yourself with UX design […]

7 Flawless Examples of E-Commerce UX Done Right

7 Flawless examples of E-Commerce UX done Right

UX is extremely important for any kind of online activity, but when you add in the huge amounts of money up for grabs in the e-commerce UX world, you have a core ingredient that can single-handedly make the difference between a best-selling product and a total flop. And when you’re looking to learn how to […]


Convincing your boss to send you for UX Training

Convincing Your Boss To Send You For UX Training More and more things are becoming user centred. Take your mobile phone for example: 15 years ago it was only there to make calls and send texts. Now they’ve become smartphones that can do just about anything from facial recognition to finding someone’s location (if they […]

Classroom Training FTW

Now is a great time to start a career in UX, as hiring managers are seeing the importance of UX’ers and how usability plays a huge role in everything we use. Companies only have a few seconds to influence the customer. Investing in User Experience is necessary for them to achieve trust, brand recognition and […]

It’s Official – Our Students Love UX Academy!

Our Students Love UX Academy.

UX Academy has grown steadily over the years and now offers 3 distinct and dynamic courses including our new Designing Voice Interactions course in collaboration with Amazon. Whether you’re a total beginner or more experienced with UX, we have the perfect programme for you to improve your skills and develop your UX potential. Don’t just […]

Accessibility in UX Design and Emerging Technology

Accessiblity in UX

The speed with which new technologies have been implemented into our daily lives is incredible. If you had asked someone 15 years ago “do you think you will ever control the lights and heating in your home from your phone?” they probably would have said “no, that’s crazy!”. But here we are in 2018 and […]

Q&A With Three UX Professionals

Check out our Questions and Answers with Three UX Professional

In the lead up to our inaugural London UX & Design Festival, we sat down with three UX pros from Foolproof, IBM and Just Eat to discuss various topics. Read on to find out they navigate the UX landscape and to get their advice for standing out in the market. Terika Seaborn-Brown at Foolproof As […]

Airbnb’s Design Team on the Challenges in the Industry


At the 2017 MUXL Conference, the London UX community had the pleasure of kicking off our annual gathering with a talk by Vibha Bamba & Sukhada Jog, special guests from Airbnb’s design team in Silicon Valley. Their talk “Designing for the Alleyway: Addressing the Discomfort of Travel” was an exploration of the advantages and challenges […]

Is Virtual Reality the Future?


One of the final lectures of the day at the 2017 MUXL Conference came via Christophe Mallet from Somewhere Else VR, a London-based creative agency specializing in immersive technologies. The topic, Virtual Reality Storytelling, captivated the audience of the main stage with its futurism and its potential power over the mind. A new age of […]

My 8 Week Journey at UX Academy: Alumni Feedback


I decided to sign up for the UX Academy 8 week user experience course to further my knowledge as a front-end developer. I found the UX training to have been a lot more than I thought it would be and I was pleasantly surprised. I came out with a better understanding of UX altogether. Week […]

Bringing Disruptive Innovation Techniques To The Heart Of Design Process


Our path to innovation Pensions and savings specialist Standard Life, (part of leading global investment company Standard Life Aberdeen plc) help clients invest for their financial futures. Our industry is evolving, and we have to ensure we are at the heart of this change. That’s where our business innovation team comes in. We aim to […]

Why is UX Different in the Internet of Things?


What the Internet of Things (IoT) introduces — or better said, unites — is data, interactions, and the physical world. But coordinating these to deliver great user experience (UX) is easier said than done. Many manufacturers have struggled to bring connected products to market because of just how complicated development and management are, never mind […]

Top 10 Inspiring UX Portfolios


Every UX designer knows that their portfolio will be crucial for their career and for showcasing their body of work. However many designers (even great ones) fail at effectively building them. UX portfolios are especially important because not only does the website need to showcase the great products you’ve designed before. It will become a […]

UX Influencers 2017 You Should Follow: Top 10 People in UX


10 UX Design Influencers To Follow Now Mobile UX London, a one-day User Experience & usability conference to learn and develop skills in Mobile User Experience in London UK. Not sure which UX influencers to follow? Want to follow experts who share content regularly? We have done our research and found some of the most […]

Journey Maps for Content Strategy


Marli Mesibov, Content Strategist Mobile UX London will bring together 200+ professionals from around the world covering UX, Product, Design & Research. In addition, journey map types range from the very personal, like persona narratives, to the business-focused, like service blueprints. A must attend conference for any individual or organisation. Learn more. When we talk […]

How to Use Animation to Improve UX Design?

UX design is the process of designing (digital or physical) products that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with. Motion tells stories. Not long and complicated stories, but simple stories, like “hey, you need to look at this now” or “hurrah, your operation has just been completed successfully.” However, the goal of […]

Top 10 Evaluation Criteria When Selecting Prototyping UX Tools

By: Athar Majeed Top 10 Evaluation Criteria when Selecting a Prototyping UX Tools Interactive prototyping for web and mobile apps is very important and has grown significantly over the past decade. There are many prototyping tools to choose from and this provides design agencies, designers, entrepreneurs and businesses with more options. To make life easier […]

Under the Microscope – Learning User Research Methods

UX Academy detailed description

Why Did I Take This Class? I am a young professional who works as a Website Manager. I came to know about UX design through my colleagues and especially the Product Owner who I work with on a daily basis. After this, I became interested in learning more about UX and so I embarked on […]