Why is UX Design important?

User experience design is a mixture of tools, methods and frameworks that enables one to solve real problems while upgrading a beautiful design into a functional model which may prove to be both useful and enjoyable. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider involving yourself with UX design or improve your sills. Some of the most important reasons include:

1. Get to know the users better

2. Create designs that are both beautiful and functional

3. Step up your career

4. Improve focus: build, test and iterate

Learn more about UX with UX Academy

UX Academy is excited to teach you these skills by offering both a UX/UI Design Course and an Advanced course. Our advanced classes are taught by 2 industry leading practitioners in the UX Field. This is a hands-on course with a lot of practical exercises. There is also a focus on learning-by-doing combining individual with group work in small classes sizes.

This year we have the following trainers: Froso Ellina, and Jiri Jerabek

Froso joined our UX trainers team recently. She is working as a Senior Product Designer at Pivotal Labs. Froso has 10 years working experience in user research and digital design. As a member of cross-functional teams in Creative agencies and Software companies, her goal is to design high-quality products for the best customer experience for global clients. She has experience in designing high quality products for global clients such as, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Vodafone, EE, Santander, Fidelity, Siemens. She is passionate about consulting clients how to apply the best ways of working and help them understand how user research and design thinking can benefit and transform their organisation. Her main research is on how to design digital products for people with accessibility needs that everyone can benefit from. She has always been an advocate of the human-centered design process.

We asked Froso a few questions regarding her input and experience as a UX professional and trainer

Q1) Given your years of experience, tell us the most interesting things you have learned about UX?

Working as a Design Consultant and having spent a lot of time on the client side, I have seen how the best design practises have helped our clients to be transformed in more collaborative and user friendly environments. The communication among different parts of the organisation has been improved. Everybody has a better understanding of what User Experience Design is. This a massive achievement when you need to collaborate with people from different disciplines.

UX design is everywhere! You can find good and bad examples of UX design in the physical world but also in the Virtual world. For example, VR headsets are a new medium and there is a new aspect of a 3D user experience that we need to think about. Now is the right time to experiment with it.

Q2) In what way will people benefit from the UX course?

UX Advanced course participants will already have a good understanding of design thinking processes and use the best practises in order to solve real problems. By the end of the course, they will already have a well structured case study for their UX portfolio. This course could help them to be the design advocate in their organisation and start actually using design thinking processes to tackle different problems and help their colleagues from different disciplines have a better understanding and collaboration with designers.

Q3) What are the career opportunities in the UX field?

There are a lot of career opportunities out there! UX designers can work in tech and software companies and in Consultancies and Design Agencies that care for both visual design and user experience.

There are also different industries (e.g. banking, telecommunication, transportation) that recently started appreciating the user experience design. They’re looking to hire in-house designers and build their own team. From my perspective, this is a great opportunity because designers can really affect how an organisation can be transformed from within.

Another interesting area to expand your UX career is working in start-ups and it sounds very exciting!

*Answers edited for length and/or clarity.

About UX Academy Courses:

UX Academy runs evening and in-person UX training courses in Central London around UX, Conversational Design & Product Design.

For more information on their UX and Conversational design courses, check out:  https://myuxacademy.com/courses

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