Our team recently had a catch-up with one of our promising students, Samantha, who is currently half-way through the UX/UI Design Course. She’s currently leading a team who is working on a real company project for a private Discounts Club. Learn what a week at UX Academy can involve in this brief interview.

“The reason why I chose the UX Academy UX/UI Design Course was to not only get experience that is more practical with UX through real case studies, but the opportunity to gain insights from tutors who have extensive knowledge in this field. Not to mention the chance to utilise what I learnt to help develop my UX portfolio!

Coming from limited experience in the field of UX, I have felt at ease in the course and am beginning to develop more knowledge and skill sets that I bring to future employment opportunities. I am currently in the process of changing career roles from marketing to UX and although I have a marketing and data analytics background (which I gained more understanding of how industries work through quantitative data to market), I felt like I missing understanding how to cater for the customers’ needs and provide better innovative solutions through qualitative data. Hence, this is what drew me to this course in particular, as I felt this would meet this need.

The first few weeks of starting this course has provided insightful knowledge from expert tutors within their field, who are more than happy to help with challenges I have faced during the session. I also find the “Funwork” and project a chance to go deeper on topics discussed in the class and try to understand through research in real life applications.

Already this has given me confidence knowing that these skills and experiences from this course will help me to start a career with UX. I would definitely recommend the UX Academy UX/UI Design Course if looking to explore the field of UX and gain practical experience!”

Whether you want to start a career in UX, or just diversify your skillset in general, UX Academy has several courses available to suit your needs. Get the chance to work on real life projects and build your UX portfolio when you join UX Academy.

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