About ZenBike

The added value of ZENbike is the points-per-mile system that converts every mile that you cycle in points and rewards you with discounts on TFL, eco friendly and wellbeing partner stores and partner gyms.

UX Challenge Brief

“We believe that the near future in automotive industry is electric cars. There is a massive swift from conventional to electric cars here in London the last few year, because car emissions are very dangerous for our health and environment. Let’s imagine London as a city where they are only electric cars available and try to understand drivers needs. Explore a solution that helps drivers to manage their cars battery better in order to be able to use their electric cars effectively.”

Research: Breaking the Brief


We don’t use a car to commute. Given that the problem was finding solutions for electric car drivers in London, the brief changed drastically after the generative research, in fact the results show that most users wouldn’t use a car to drive in London, because the public transports are efficient, the problem was something different.

Picking a problem

How might we? How might we improve people’s work commute experience? How might we make the tube a fun place for people to be? How might we make commute less stressful for people?
How we make a smoother commute time for people? How might we help people benefiting from fresher air during their commute? How might we encourage people to try alternative commuting options to reduce their monthly costs?


How might we improve people’s work commute experience. The main problem concerns the stress of users during their commutes, especially in rush hours. The feeling of being squashed in the crowd can be overwhelming and make lose time. Not less important, users complained about the high prices of TFL.

Target Audience

The main target audience are people that live in London and own a bike but don’t use it often. the age group is 18-45.

Storyboard and Initial Wireframes

Our First concept involved a partnership with TFL where they would supply rental bikes that were either free or close to free during rush hours.

However we changed our concept when we found out that Satander app already had a partnership with TLF supplying bikes and after the first round of feedback from user interviews where we concluded our signup process was a bit too complex.

Cycling Incentive App

Choose journey based on stress and pollution levels. Win rewards per cycled miles, be relaxed and green. Win Vouchers and discounts on wellbeing stores, cycling stores and TFL

01 Onboarding & Login. We offer the login/signup buton together with onboarding and benefits screen to allows users to know the value they are getting in exchange of their personal details.

02 Landing Screen. Your journey begins when you enter your destination. Receive daily tips according to the weather to support you and motivate you for your cycling journey.

03 Choosing Route. Pick your route based on noise, pollution and reported stress levels. Nevermind about looking into levels of information on other transportation apps.

05 Completing the journey. Become aware of your achievements + leave feedback on the conditions of your journey so we can improve the accuracy of the mapping and so that others can benefit from it + The more you cycle the more you and the environment wins!

06 Prizes & Milestones. A dashboard screen will keep you informed on accumulated points, on your cycling level, weekly and permanent challenges. Keep track of your progress and redeem vouchers and discounts on wellbeing stores, cycling stores and TFL

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